Meet the Team

the crew

Our passion for thinking outside the box and collaborating to bring new ideas to life drives us to constantly push the boundaries of creativity.

Co Founder | UX Design | Identity Building

Andrin Gorgi

Co Founder | Spacial Design | Sound Design

Marcial Koch

Co Founder | 3D Art | UX Design

Stefan Lustenberger

Co Founder | UX Design | FE Developer

Randy Chen
Why are we different?
Encouraging innovation

By not sticking to established norms, we can come up with fresh and creative solutions that set our designs apart.


By challenging best practices, we often uncover new and unexpected solutions to problems that would not have been discovered otherwise.

Direct communication

we are straight forward.


By avoiding the use of common design elements, we asure a unique and recognizable visual identity that stands out from the competition.

Let´s talk! 🍻? ☕?

We are always looking for new challenges and interesting parterns. Also, we love to say hello.

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